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Fault Prevention Measures for Mobile block making machine Equipment

2017/2/19 18:49:26      点击:
Mobile block making machine is a common construction machinery in our life, so in the operation process, we should pay attention to some tips:

  In the working process, the operator should be vigilant all the time to avoid the possible personal safety danger caused by putting hand or tool into the mixing drum mistakenly.

  When starting the egg laying block machine, please check the clutch, brake, wire rope and other accessories and make sure they are normal. It is necessary for the block making machine to be installed on the solid position.
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  In the process of making bricks, the pressure time should be controlled strictly. Operators should summarize the best proportion between efficiency and production, and adjust the feeding capacity or feeding frequency if necessary. in addition,the pressure spring should be replaced in time with a same type one.
  Keep an eye on whether the production line of every working procedure is normal enough and whether the screw is loose. If there is something wrong with these parts, stop the equipment and eliminate the hidden trouble in time.
  We should use block making machine according to the operating specifications strictly, sum up experience frequently and keep exploring constantly, so that the block making machine can work stably and normally.