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What is the fly ash brick machine?what special feathers does it have?

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Flyash aerated concrete bricks are solid bricks that use fly ash, lime as main raw materials, and put into defined amount plaster, additive, and aggregate, made through blank compound, grinding, moulding, hydration and hydrothermal synthesis reaction, for the convenience of you have a further understanding of the fly ash bricks, now I introducing the relatived performance as follows:

1. The color of the fly ash brick
The color of the aerated concrete bricks is natural color, that is cinerous, similar as caesious clay brick, it can add pigment to make various color bricks according to customers’ need.
2. the exterior of the aerated concrete bricks is right Angle hexahedral.
3. Nominal size of the flyash aerated concrete bricks, the length is 240 mm,width is 115 mm, and the height is 53 mm.
Physical and mechanical performance
1. The unit weight
Flyash aerated concrete brick is a kind of new wall materials, the unit weight is one of the main technical indexes, it can be controlled according to the construction’s need adjusting the technological formulation. the owen dry density of Flyash aerated concrete bricks is betwwem about 1540 and 1640 kg/m3, slightly lighter than clay bricks.
2. Bending compressive strength
The bending compressive strength of Flyash aerated concrete bricks is decided by productive technology, formula,  hydration hydrothermal synthesis responses and building need. According to the law of the People's Republic of building materials industry standard (JC239-2001) regulation, the flexural strength is in average 2.5 ~ 6.2 Mpa, and the compressive strength is in 10 to 30 Mpa.
Lasting quality
1. Frost resistance and water resistance
Frost resistance and water resistance are two major indicators reacting the durability of the flyash aerated concrete bricks, especially frost resistance. Frost resistance is frozening 5 hours of the sample below zero 15 ~ 20 ℃, melting 3 hours in the water between 10 to 20 ℃, measured by the strength loss and damage after 15 times freeze-thaw cycle like this.
Because flyash aerated concrete bricks mainly use flyash as materials, observed by scanning electron microscope, fly ash particles is a lillte thick, having more space slag particles and glass ball, so the water uptaking rate is slower, in general, it need  24 hours to reach saturated conditions.
the bibulous rate of the flyash aerated concrete bricks generally within 8.26 ~ 14.0%, and slightly lower than clay brick (14.29 ~ 16.7%), soaking in the water for a long time, the strength will continue to rise. after 15 times freeze-thaw cycle, the appearance is essential complete, compressive strength reached to 8~16 Mpa, dry quality loss less than 2.0%, its freeze resistance and water resistance is good.
2. Dry-wet circulation
Dry-wet circulation, is soaking the flyash aerated concrete bricks in the water to the preset-time, and then put it into drying oven to dry, and then put it into water…..after 15 times dry-wet cycle, strength has improved thanbefore.