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Automatic block machine

2018/6/10 19:44:55      点击:
If construction waste is discarded as waste, it will produce environmental pollution. If used, the environmental pressure will not only be lightened, but also the resources will be effectively utilized. The latest production of construction automatic block machine, taking building waste as raw material, taking energy saving, reducing consumption and reducing emission as design guiding ideology. On the basis of advanced technology at home and abroad and according to the actual situation of our country, we creatively design and develop environmental protection and energy saving brick production line with independent intellectual property.
Building garbage automatic block machine has:
1. Frequency modulation and amplitude modulation are used to achieve high density and energy saving.
2. Making use of building waste as raw material for the production of regenerated brick, it can produce multi variety free regenerated brick, such as standard brick, hollow brick, light aggregate hollow brick, lawn free regenerative brick, revetment free regenerative brick and so on, and can make mould molding according to the shape and size required.
3, compact structure, supporting small movement, high production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection;
4, modular design, installation, maintenance and maintenance are convenient.
5. The degree of automation is high and the operation is simple.
6, the cost of manufacturing is low. Full set of equipment operation 5~8 people can be easily realized.