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Block machine manufacture

2017/12/16 16:07:16      点击:
Automatic block machine manufacture of new non-burning block brick machine can suppress high-strength, high-quality, low-cost Mianshaozhuan, the use of mechanical vibration double-sided pressure, good product quality, without pallets can be directly palletizing . Conveyor confined, easy to operate, easy to maintain. Wide range of applications, for a variety of raw materials are able to produce. In addition, the new equipment adds a vibrating and pressurizing exhaust mechanism and a forced feeding mechanism. In particular, due to its unique design, it is possible to suppress high-volume fly ash burned brick without creating an air trap.
 Our company's new non-burning block brick transmission mechanism used in all mechanical transmission, and reasonable and effective use of mechanical power, feeding and molding parts were completed with a set of transmission mechanism for a variety of actions, reliable action, durability, ease of maintenance ; A multi-purpose machine, applicability, with different molds can produce a variety of wall tiles; these configurations not only ensure quality, and raw materials are used waste products, saving resources and protecting the environment.
      Environmental issues, everyone responsible, contribute to environmental protection, but also our responsibility.
      The new type of automatic block machine manufacture is currently on the market more popular as a wall building materials equipment, but the production of non-burning block brick manufacturers and many, how to use the customer's psychological win over customers What?
      These should start from the brick-free brick units, from the customer psychology starting to improve brick-fired brick units, so as to meet different customers.
      First of all, to produce a non-burning brick block pallet, you can save the pallet, greatly reducing customer investment, to attract customers.
      Second, customers want to benefit from the big, brick-free brick block only 4 people can operate, with less labor, to achieve large productivity.
      After the sale of our brick-free block brick machine, three-year warranty, effective for customers to solve worries, so there will be more customers choose our brick-free brick machine.
      Friends, if you have industrial waste around you, such as fly ash, this is more difficult to deal with, but pollute the environment of construction waste, you can choose our factory production of non-burning block brick machine for processing, so Not only can make money, but also reduce the accumulation of rubbish, but also reduce the pollution of the air.
      Brick-burning brick machine is also a green equipment, which is well known to us, and now all provinces and cities are vigorously advocating and intensifying efforts to develop environmentally friendly economy, while environmental protection equipment has made a number of listed policies, Therefore, we should create more environmental protection equipment.