Concrete Spacer Machine installed in Bangladesh

2015/10/22 3:09:12



Concrete Spacer Machine installed in Bangladesh

concrete spacer machine installation

This summer one concrete spacer machine is exported to Bangladesh, Yufeng Machinery Group sent engineers to clients’ factory to guide clients how to handle this machine. 

Concrete spacer machine market in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one small country in South Asia, with much population and much river sand. Due to low labour cost, it is one good place to build spacer block factory. And there is a big market for spacers, because it is one hot time to build heavy construction and mansion building in recent years.

Our clients noticed the point and purchased one concrete spacer machine from Yufeng Machinery Group. After developing spacer block market, he will purchase another two sets of concrete spacer machine.

Raw material choice for concrete spacer machine in Bangladesh.

Due to Bangladesh is close to the Ganges River. there is much river sand and river stone. Those are fine material to produce spacer blocks. To produce fine and strong spacers,

cement should be added.  After you find the right material ratio according to your local condition, you start your production by our concrete spacer machines.

Tips about our concrete spacer machine

To produce fine spacer blocks, below is to be noticed:

1. Water bricks 3 times per day in the first 3 days.
2. Water bricks 2 times per day after first 3 days.
3. Water bricks 1 time per day after one week.
4. They can be sale after 1 month.
Water bricks when it become dry.
Bricks need to be watered full every time.

If you want to set up one concrete spacer factory, you can consider our concrete spacer machine. 

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