Cement Concrete Spacer Project in India Session 1

2015/11/11 3:20:41



Cement Concrete Spacer Project in India Session 1

Cement Concrete Spacer Project in India

Last summer one concrete spacer machine is exported to India, with support of Yufeng Machinery Group our client build one concrete spacer factory for spacer block making. Recently they send us feedback,here share it with several sessions.

Market & Demand of cement concrete spacer machine in India

Cement concrete spacers are modern construction materials and as such are used in all the constructions viz. residential, commercial and industrial building constructions. Construction industry is a growing a sector. The demand for this product is always high in all cities and other urban centres due to construction of residential apartments, commercial buildings and industrial buildings. So there is a big market for cement concrete spacer machines. LikeChinaand Middle East, There will be another market inIndia.

Introduction of cement concrete spacer machine

DMYF series concrete spacer block making machines are patent concrete spacer machines from Yufeng Machinery Group. This spacer block making machine can produce strong and fine spacer blocks, concrete spacers and cement spacers in various types and sizes.

Implementation schedule 

Implementation schedule to purchase concrete spacer machine

Presumptions for cement concrete spacer prject

(1) Interest rate: 15% per annum on total capital investment is taken into consideration
(2) Margin money: The promoter may bring in one-third of both fixed capital 
and working capital requirements.

(3) Efficiency: 75% utilisation of machinery and manpower has been considered.
(4) Labour wages: Minimum wages applicable for semi-skilled and unskilled workers were taken into consideration.
(5) Working shifts per day: It is envisaged that the enterprise will be in operation on single shift of 8 hours per day basis for 300 working days in year.
(6) Implementation period: Project implementation period of 6 months is envisaged

Raw Materials

Concrete is a mixture of ordinary Portland cement, mineral aggregate (sand and stone chips) and water. The water used in preparing the concrete serves two purposes: 
(1)It combines with the cement to form a hardened paste 
(2)It lubricates the aggregates to form a plastic and workable mass

The water that combines with the cement varies from about 22 to 28% of the total amount of mixing water in concrete.
Mineral aggregates (sand and stone chips) are normally divided into two fractions based on their particle size. Aggregate particles passing through the No.4 or 4.7 mm sieve are known as fine aggregate. 
Ordinary Portland cement is the cementing material used in cement concrete spacers. Cement is the highest priced material per unit weight of the concrete spacer. Hence, the fine and coarse aggregates are combined in such proportions that the resulting concrete is workable and has minimum cement content for the desired quality