DMYF-580 cement block machine

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  • 型号:   DMYF-580
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DMYF-580 cement block machine

DMYF580 cement block machine 

The product can generate less pollution, especially less noise. It can also save energy.

With changing moulds, it can not only produce various kinds of paver blocks but also solid bricks, curb stones and so on.

Hydraulic machinery is very popular because of the enormous amount of power that can be transferred through small tubes and flexible hoses, and the wide variety of equipment that makes use of this technology.

Technical data

Rated power 16KW
Max. pressure 230T
Cycle time 30s
Mold box size 500X500mm
Total weight 3500kg
Overall dimension 1520*1700*2580mm


Product Pcs/mold Pcs/8hours
Cushion brick 20 24 20000
Cushion brick 4/5 80 70000
Cushion brick 7/8 48 40000