DMYF-6A Small Mobile Block Making Machine

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  • 型号:   DMYF-6A
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DMYF-6A Small Mobile Block Making Machine

DMYF-6A mobile block making machine

Description of DMYF-6A Small Mobile Block Making Machine

DMYF-6A Mobile Block Making Machine is one small sale model from Yufeng Machinery Group. This egg laying block making machine is one ideal model for client who is a beginner. It can produce 6 pcs blocks per mould, 8000pcs blocks per 10 hours(block size is 400*200*200mm)

Top features of DMYF-6A Small mobile block making machine
1. Mobile type, convenient to move anywhere on construction site.
2. High quality: whole mobile block making machine adopts supreme quality steel, precise welding and hydraulic system selects Taiwan brand hydraulic components. This China block machine has high efficiency and durability, which greatly improves performance of whole machine without fault. This machine has long service life.
3. No need pallets, which reduce investments.
4. Low investment, high profit: this block making machine features low price, high quality, good technology content, simple operation, stable moving, fast producing, high capacity and low power consumption.
5. Wide application for raw material: this egg laying block making machine can use stone, lime, sand, coal gangues, fly ash, construction waste, tailings as raw materials, suitable for different conditions raw materials.

Block samples produced by DMYF-6A small mobile block making machine:

With mould changed, many different sizes of blocks can be produced easily. Now even EPS blocks can also be produced by this egg laying block making machine.  

Blocks produced by the machine is of high strength and lower cost, will be widely used in construction area.

Parameters and Production capacity of DMYF-6A small mobile block making machine:

parameters of DMYF-6A small block making machine

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