DMYF480 Concrete Spacer Machine

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  • 品牌:   YUFENG
  • 型号:   DMYF480
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DMYF480 Concrete Spacer Machine

Descriptions of DMYF480 Concrete Spacer Machine

DMYF480 concrete spacer machine is one patent product from Yufeng Machinery Group. With 230ton pressure, this spacer block making machine can produce strong and fine spacer blocks, concrete spacers.

Spacers produced by DMYF480 Concrete Spacer Machine

concrete spacers produced by concrete spacer machine

Production capacity and parameters of DMYF480 Concrete Spacer Machine

Product Pcs/mold Pcs/8hours
Cushion brick 20 18 15000
Cushion brick 4/5 60 40000
Cushion brick 7/8 24 20000

Rated power 16KW
Max. pressure 230T
Cycle time 30s
Mold box size 400X400mm
Total weight 3500kg
Overall dimension 1520*1700*2580mm