DMYF-600 fly ash brick making machine

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  • 品牌:   Yu feng
  • 型号:   DMYF- 600
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DMYF-600 fly ash brick making machine

Technical data

Rated power 20KW
Max. pressure 360T
Cycle time 20s
Mold box size 600X500mm
Total weight 5000kg
Overall dimension 2200*2200*2500mm


1. No need pallet, and one worker can operate, so it can save a quantity of money. Low cost and High profit.

2. Adopting up mold compression vibration and down mold vibration. So the exciting power is more bigger.

3. Adopts electric walking and hydraulic turning.It can be used under any production place.

4. Produce various height bricks and single color pavers by client’s request.

5. can be operated simply. So it doesn’t need the professor only simple training.